• TRACKING - 2 high-quality channels for any and all instruments, including essentials like Vocals, Keyboard, Guitar, and Bass. Included in the room is a soundproof vocal booth perfect for singing, rapping, and Voice Over work.

• PRODUCTION - We produce all genres of music and work one-on-one with artists to create hits from scratch in styles ranging from mainstream Top 40, Pop, EDM, Hip hop Electronic, Rap, Rock ,Trap, R&B etc. We also provide Vocal Production, Tuning, and Mixing for singers seeking high-quality, polished vocals for their music

• MIXING - Our well-rounded and versatile audio engineers work in all genres and are ready to assist with your mixing needs, such as vocal mixing, drum editing, re-sampling, re-amping, DAW, and stem exports.

• MASTERING - Our facility is equipped with high-end, top-of-the-line professional audio gear, administered under the expertise of LA's most talented engineers to help master your Singles, EPs, and Albums.

• VOICEOVERS - High-quality professional recordings for Film, TV, Audiobooks, Commercials, Podcasts, etc.